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Help & Info about Yandere Simulator for windows

  • What is Yandere Simulator?

    Yandere Simulator is an open world stealth action game currently in development. Players take on the role of a Japanese schoolgirl named Ayano Aish (popularly known as Yandere-chan) as she attempts to win the affection of her crush by eliminating potential rivals.
  • Is Yandere Simulator free?

    The game has been in a state of semi-open development since early 2014. Test and alpha builds have been regularly released which allow players to try out the latest version. These test versions have been released through various sites as free downloads, although they do not represent the full game and feature many bugs.
  • How did Yandere Simulator start?

    In April of 2014, the developer YandereDev/Alex posted to the image board 4chan talking about the potential interest in the game which would come to be known as Yandere Simulator. While offers of help have been accepted previously, the project shifted into more of a single developer operation.
  • What does Yandere mean?

    The term Yandere comes from Japan and means an overbearingly romantic individual who expresses their love in increasingly destructive or otherwise inappropriate manners. A common theme in anime and manga, Yandere characters are a popular stable in love and comedy stories.
  • Is Yandere Simulator inappropriate?

    While not expressly a mature or sexual game, Yandere Simulator does feature common elements of anime/manga and Yandere characters which may make it unsuitable for younger players. These include nudity, images of underwear, and murder.
  • What do players do in Yandere Simulator?

    After falling in love with a fellow schoolmate, the player-character attends school daily attempting to find a way to make him love her. This can be by killing other girls, stealing special items, or by gaining points in activities. Players must also be aware of their reputation and not allow others to see their misdeeds.
  • Is Yandere Simulator an anime?

    While drawing heavy inspiration from the anime style of plot development, characters, and art, the game is not in of itself an anime or based on a particular anime. Instead, the game is a Western-based approach to creating a simulator style game based on an appreciation for the style.
  • Is Yandere Simulator on Steam/Xbox/PS4?

    As of late 2017, there are no established plans to release the game outside of free test builds. The developer has stated that he plans to make it available for full purchase online, but only after more progress.
  • Is Yandere Simulator safe?

    The game has amassed a large fan-base and millions of downloads. No harmful add-ons or viruses have ever been detected from users, although third party sites may potentially include unwanted elements.
  • Why is Yandere Simulator banned on Twitch?

    In January of 2016, streamers began to discover that playing the game to an online audience resulted in a ban. The popular streaming site stated simply that the game broke elements of its rules, which include sexual content and destructive behaviour, without stating a particular element.


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